Mowerland ML18SP Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

The brand has launched many garden machinery that talk of both quality and design. Aiming to offer products with the affordable price makes the brand set apart from the rest. It has taken up its distribution through the ‘Handy-Distribution’ who is the exclusive distributors of this brand.

Comfort design and Outlook: In Fact, this ML18SP petrol-fueled mower is a self propelled one. It comes with the body colour of Red and Black Combination that is very appealing for anyone. The handles are been neatly structured to be adjusted to the user comfort and they tend to be foldable to ensure compact storage. The wheels go for its best operation as they are been supported with the ball bearing. The deck is been made of steel material that goes durable even for the rough handling.

Engine and Power: Mowerland ML18SP Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is been found to be concealed with the engine type of Quattro Briggs & Stratton 4 Stroke Engine that has the power of 3.5hp. It operates with the petrol power and gives a self-propelled drive system. Easily the user can set the speed and walk behind the mower to see the perfect cut obtained in few minutes. The engine also offers the brake system. It allows instant mowing and the trouble of such length cords are been eliminated here.

Mowing options: Mowerland ML18SP Rotary Lawnmower allows the user to set the desired cutting height from the 6 different options between the heights of 25 – 85 mm. The adjustment is never a tedious or time-consuming process and can be set with just the adjustment of the lever. The cutting width is 46 cms and possible to mow the medium sized lawns. It allows mowing even at the edges and under the bushes easily. The features like the mulching and catcher are not been found in this product. The grass cuttings are been collected in the grass collector bag found in the rear side and can hold up to 60 litres.

Warranty: It offers the user with the privilege of 1-year warranty given by the manufacturer and only for the domestic use.

Verdict: Mowerland ML18SP Red with Black colour Lawnmower takes care of even the roughest lawns and the paddocks. Its lightweight construction and easy handling makes the positives for this product.

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