Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance – Keep Your Lawn Mower Working Properly

Lawn mower repair will be a fact of life for you if you use a gas powered mower. Small gasoline engines require a lot of maintenance and they will need repairs at some point, it’s just a matter of time. That’s one of the main drawbacks to gas powered mowers versus electric lawnmowers, gas mowers require a lot more maintenance and there are a lot more parts that could potentially break down and give you problems.

One of the first steps in lawn mower repair will be troubleshooting any problems that you have. For example, if your lawn mower won’t start you will need to figure out why it’s not starting and it’s always best to start by checking the simplest possibilities. Is their fuel in the tank? If so, has the fuel been sitting in the tank for a long time? If you are pulling your mower out of the garage for the first time after a long winter and the mower won’t start you may need to drain and replace the fuel. If your mower has fresh fuel but it still won’t start there may be an ignition problem or you may need new spark plugs. If you do need to replace your spark plugs take one of them with you to the hardware store so you can make sure you are replacing them with the right part.

Sometimes you will be able to get your mower started but it’s just not running properly. If the mower is running rough and sounds like it might be choking it might be time to replace the fuel filter. Over time dirt and debris can clog up the filter and your mower will not run as smoothly as it should. Replacing the filter is an easy job and will get your mower running properly again.

Sometimes lawn mower repair is best left to the professionals. If you have attempted to troubleshoot potential problems but you still can’t figure out exactly what the problem is you will need to take your mower in to a professional to get it fixed. It is important to get an estimate before any work is actually done. Sometimes it might be more cost effective to just purchase a new lawn mower rather than paying a lot of money to repair an old one.

You may have heard your doctor say that prevention is the best medicine and the same is true when it comes to taking care of your lawn mower. If you properly maintain your mower you can avoid a lot of problems and costly repairs in the future. The owner’s manual that came with your lawn mower should have plenty of tips for properly maintaining it. You want to make sure that there is always plenty of oil and that all of the moving parts are lubricated. After mowing your lawn you should clean the mower and remove any grass clippings because if moist yard clippings are left their it could cause corrosion and create problems in the future. It’s also important to keep the blades sharp and sharpening blades is a job that you may choose to do yourself or you may want to hire a professional.

Check your owner’s manual for any additional maintenance tips. Proper maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your mower operating properly. If there are some simple repairs that need to be done you might be able to tackle those yourself and if you do you need to hire a professional to do the repairs just make sure that the repairs are not going to cost more than the mower is worth.


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