Lawn Mower Guide

Lawnmowers are one of the essentialities to maintain a well kept lawn. Modern days see a whole variety of mowers depending on type and the fuel that is used by the mowers. But the history of maintaining a lawn goes a long way back. Initially in the early days, lawns of the richer and affordable families were maintained by allowing sheep to graze the fields and thus maintaining their pastures in perfect condition. Later shearing and scything which involved intensive manual labour was used for maintaining a beautiful lawn.

Lawn mower is a handy machine that can be used both manually and with fuel. Differentiation is based on the mechanism that is used wherein a set of revolving blades are used to cut the grass in a uniform and even length. When the blade rotates in a vertical axis, the land mowers are called rotary mowers and when the blades are assemble to rotate in a horizontal axis they are identified as the reel or cylinder mowers.

A land mower is best chosen based on the type of lawn that is to be mowed. For residential lawns or small gardens, the smallest types which are manual are highly suitable. A large lawn requires the services of a ride on mower which is either fueled or powered by batteries or electricity. Extreme expanses of lawns like a golf course or government parks use the facility of something like a tractor.

The right mower is always based on the size of the lawn and the type of cutting that is desired. Ranging from a manual or hand push to petrol or battery powered lawnmowers; there is always a long line of variables to choose from.


Based on the operations, there are lawnmowers which are considered to possess three in one operations, such as the mulching, bagging and or discharging. It is best to go for this type because if even one such operation is not available, the process of mowing becomes much more tedious. One has to walk through many times for discharging the collection of cut grass. Also if the cut grass is not bagged properly, it may create unnecessary garbage. The mower is best if it has a sturdy rear wheel fit enough to rotate and wheel around on all directions. This helps in easy maneuverability and rolling the tool flexibly.

The engine power of the lawnmower bears a good concern. A minimum of 5.5 horsepower engine is as good as any other ber engines. An overhead valve engine is better off than a side valve engine as it is able to deliver more torque. Some of the gas mowers have a recoil starter for easy engine pickup while recent models possess an electric starter. Turn over the key and yes, the mower is ready to go.

The cutting deck carries to be an important feature with its cutting width. Electric mowers are known for having to cut by mere nipping, while the gasoline mowers take a wider girth of more than 19 inches. The self propelled mowers have the highest cutting edge of over 22 inches but on the other hand they either have only one single speed of 2.5 miles or with a variation of 0 to 5 miles per hour.


Cylinder mowers are known for their vertically placed rotating blades and are specially known for their close finish. They give the perfect finish for a well manicured lawn and are best used in even and level lawns. The several blades that move around a fixed one works like a scissors gives the traditional striped finishing. They are available in all the models like, manual or petrol or electric powered mowers.


Hover lawn mowers are light weight and have rotating blades which almost floats over the surface. This type is extremely useful for a small or a medium sized lawn and can be used over any type of uneven surface. Some of them have wheels at the rear for positioning and does not occupy much storage space. Hover mowers are inexpensive and easy to handle. There is also an option for both plastic and metal blades but metal blades give a more clean finish. These mowers come either with or without a grass collecting box.


The name is assumed because of the rotating movements of the horizontal blades found in this mower. The rotary mowers are best used to cope with an extensive piece of lawn with lots of moss, weeds and slopes. All types of land terrains are compatible with this type of mower. This is one of the best of its kind as it comes with lots of adjustments. Various cutting heights, a built in roller for a traditional striped finish, and the indispensable grass clippings’ box which is removable.

The best rotary mowers come in both the electric and petrol used models; be it manual or self propelled. Self propelled rotary land mowers are a best suggestion when difficulty in pushing is assumed or if the area to be mowed is extremely large.


An electric mower is considered to be ideal for a small to medium sized family lawn. The blade which is absolutely fast in movement acts like a typical scythe and cuts off long grown grass effortlessly. Usually they come with a grass box to collect the cut clippings and are highly compact.

Electric mowers are practically light in weight, free to maneuver and easily handled. But it needs a power source quite close by always and will have an electric cable trailing behind which has to be carefully taken care of. They are faster to clean and do better work in a relatively short time. On the other hand, wet condition makes it impossible to use an electric lawn mower. When purchasing one, it is better to look out for a safety lock off switch with it.


Petrol mowers are perfect for a larger lawn area with uneven landscape too. There is nothing to fear about overheating or trailing around cables. While smaller models of petrol mowers are lightweight and easier to handle, larger models have a wider cutting blades and extremely large grass collection box. They also come in self propelled models which is best suited to a normal walking pace.

Though petrol lawn mowers are a bit expensive, the performance is worth commendable. Even a damp weather does not defer the process of mowing but cleaning and storing is a bit of an effort. There is also an ignition with an electronic key that can be used by elderly persons instead of the recoil starters. As a safety measure, petrol lawnmowers are best not transported with a full petrol can.


While on the purchase of a Land Mower, it is wise to look out for aspects like having a bigger grass collection box. This makes lesser walks while mowing. As well as a wider deck will get the job done more quickly. One can check out for a glass paneled collection box as it will be more visible and will let know when the box needs to be emptied. An attached rear roller always gives the perfect and an elegant striped lawn effect which is an indication for perfect grooming.

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