Honda HRX Self-Propelled Lawnmowers

Honda with the simple reason for the years of experience has progressively improved with every product by designing innovative features that add a new touch and novelty. They build products to last and have categorised in different segments. Honda HRX Self-Propelled Lawn mowers are a great mid level mower with the chassis that features non-rust. They have powerful motor and operate with the self propelled drive. They do various functions of cutting, catching and mulching that go efficient for saving energy and time.

Honda HRX Rotary Lawnmower designed black and red colour is made of poly-strong housing which is the cutter deck. It boasts to be rust free, dent free and corrosion resistant, the hard wearing and the highly durable parts makes the first impressive statement. It is suitable for the domestic use and goes well up to the medium size lawns say better to be less than the tennis court size. With the self propelled drive the effort is less and so is the fatigue. The user is able to mow in his own pace without the fear of over or under doing and hence there needs to be factually no hard work involved and it becomes a pleasurable going on.


Micro cut – This is the feature with the twin blades that cuts even more grass than it was doing before. Since the cut is smaller it accommodates more in the grass bag and the four cutting surface makes this smaller grass cutting possible.

Versamow – This is a 4 in 1 system that makes possible all the functions of mulching, bagging, side discharge and leaf shred with just the touch of the single lever. Simple to change the operations and so suits for the use of any individual.

ECO Friendly – The revolutionary rotary blades keeps the engine performing quiet than expected and it transforms the equipment to be environment friendly.

Engine and Cutting System:

Present in this model the OHC 4-stroke engine which has the power of 160cc makes it a great go even for the tougher and inadequately maintained lawns. Equipped with the cutting width of 47 cm and the cutting height which can be set to the variable levels as per the requirement of the lawns. From 25mm to 79mm the cutting height can be adjusted and more so this adjustment is with the help of a single lever and hence there is no hassle to put it to required operation.


The HRX VY versamow allows 4 different functions which makes it a complete model for no further look out. The various functions are as follows.

  • Mulching– This is the latest and healthiest way a lawn can be mowed. In this case it chops the grass clipping into further smaller pieces that is left behind to enrich the soil. This is therefore time saving and also saving on fertilisers.
  • Catching– This option is with the help of the grass bag which is also known as bagging. The grass clipping are collected in the grass bag for future emptying.
  • Side discharge– Here the grass clippings are sent to the soil in the side discharge. This makes the best and easy way which does not utilise added energy and efforts.
  • Leaf shedding– In order to maintain the lawn as pretty and perfect this function is also been added which collects and sheds the leaves found on the ground.

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