Fall Lawn Care Tips – What to Do in the Fall to Help Keep Your Lawn Healthy

In the spring and summer months we need to water and mow our lawns fairly often. During the hot summer months the summer sun can scorch your lawn and there may also be a lot of foot traffic that compacts the soil. We wanted to give you some tips for fall lawn care because autumn is a great time to do some of your yard maintenance.

One of the first things you can start with is using an aerator. An aerator will remove plugs of soil from your lawn and will allow air, moisture and nutrients to get down to the roots. Some of the other fall lawn care tasks will depend on whether you have cool season or warm season grasses. With cool season grasses you will need to water your lawn. You won’t need to water as often as you do in the spring and summertime but there may be occasional dry spells in the autumn and you’ll need to make sure that your lawn gets enough water. With cool season grasses it is also important to fertilize. A good rule of thumb is to use 1 pound of nitrogen for every 1000 square feet of lawn. You can apply fertilizer a couple of times during the fall with your last application being done once your lawn goes dormant.

If you have a warm season turf grass you should probably avoid fertilizing in the fall. Another fall lawn care tip for people with warm season grasses is to adjust your lawn mower height for mowing during this time of year. During the fall you should increase the height of your mower by about 1/2 inch. Adjusting your lawnmower to the proper height may allow you to mow your lawn without the need to rake or bag the lawn clippings. You may have to mow a bit more often but if you only trim off the top inch or so the grass clippings won’t be much of a problem.

Another fall lawn care tip whether you have cool or warm season turf grass is to do a little re-seeding. The fall is a great time to add some seeds to any bare spots in your lawn. If you do add some seed, water gently making sure not to over water. Following these tips for fall lawn care will help your lawn stay healthy and look great all year.


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