Electric vs Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Electric vs gas-powered lawn mowers, which one is best? You will get a lot of different answers depending on who you ask. The fact of the matter is each type has its pros and cons and there is never one solution for any problem that is going to be right for everyone. However, with the technology for electric and even cordless lawnmowers improving you can make an argument that gas-powered mowers are not the best option.

Electric vs gas-powered lawn mowersThe main benefits of a gas powered lawnmower are that they are generally more powerful than electric mowers and that you don’t have to worry about plugging in an extension cord (and possibly mowing right over your extension cord). The main problems with gas-powered lawn mowers are that they require a lot of maintenance, mainly adding oil and gas and that they are loud and create a lot of pollution. A lot of people are willing to put up with these drawbacks so that they don’t have to bother with extension cords. If you are concerned about the environment, however, the problem with pollution may be worse than you think when it comes to gas-powered lawn mowers.

A statistic that might be shocking to you is that a two-stroke engine in a gas powered lawnmower can create as much as three times the amount of pollution created by an automobile. To be fair you probably drive your car for 5 to 10 hours in an average week and you may only use your lawnmower for about 30 min. per week. However, you can clearly see that mowing your lawn on the weekend would be equivalent to driving your car for a couple of hours when it comes to the amount of pollution that it creates. Another frightening statistic about gas lawnmowers is regarding the use and misuse of gasoline. The EPA estimates that approximately 17,000,000 gallons of fuel are spilled each year when people are refueling their lawn equipment. This spilled fuel contaminates the soil, leaches into the groundwater and evaporates into the air. 17,000,000 gallons of fuel is quite a bit and to put it into perspective when the Exxon Valdez disaster happened it spilled an estimated 11,000,000 gallons of fuel.

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower
Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

For anyone that is concerned about the environment an electric lawnmower is a clear winner when talking about electric versus gas powered lawn mowers. If the extension cord is a big issue for you there are battery-operated cordless lawnmowers on the market today that offer a good alternative. The problem with cordless lawnmowers is that the batteries are heavy but a lot of these lawnmowers have powered wheels that assist you when you are pushing the mower around your yard. Electric lawnmowers whether corded or cordless are not only much better for the environment but they operate quietly and they require very little maintenance. You may have to clean some grass away from the blades once in a while but you don’t have to worry about changing spark plugs, changing the oil, topping off the gas tank etc.

When trying to decide between electric vs gas powered lawn mowers there are pros and cons on both sides (see also wiki article) but it is our opinion that the pros greatly outweigh the cons for electric lawnmowers and a little extra power in the gasoline lawnmowers is not enough to justify all of the problems with maintenance and especially the pollution you get with gas lawnmowers.


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