Edger & Trimmer Safety

Product Definition

  • Walk-behind fixed-blade edger/trimmers are gas or electric powered units designed to trim, cut and remove grass from edges of sidewalks, driveways, lamp posts, rocks, etc. by employing rigid cutting members, and having at least one ground-support.

Before Using Your Edger/Trimmer

  • Always remove stones, sticks and other objects from the area before you begin trimming so that objects won’t fly up and hit you. Clear the area of people and pets.
  • Dress properly for the job, wearing substantial shoes, long pants and close-fitting clothes. Wear safety glasses or goggles.
  • Read the operator’s manual to find out where controls are and what they do, and always check for additional safety instructions. Know how to stop the machine quickly. Do not remove or disable guards or other safety devices.
  • Fill your gasoline tank only while the engine is cold. Don’t spill when you fill. If you need to refuel the edger/trimmer before completing a task, turn off the machine and allow the engine to cool. Never light a match or smoke around gasoline.

Operate Your Edger/Trimmer Carefully

  • Operate only where firm footing and balance are assured. Do not operate where use of hands would be necessary to prevent falls.
  • Do not overspeed engine.
  • Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts while engine is running. Keep feet away from cutting area.
  • Stop the engine when crossing gravel drives, walks or roads, and under any conditions where thrown objects might be a hazard.
  • After striking a foreign object or if a unit vibrates abnormally, stop the engine, disconnect and secure spark plug wire. Inspect the unit for any damage and repair the damage before further operation.
  • Hold handles firmly with both hands to prevent loss of control due to blade bounce upon contact with hidden solid objects.
  • When transporting the machine to the work site, make sure the blade is disengaged so that you do not damage blade, lawn, curbs or pavement. After disengaging blade, push the machine to the site where work is to begin.
  • Before attempting any adjustment of blade and wheels, make certain the engine is off, the blade is disengaged and the spark plug wire removed.
  • When using an electric-powered edger/trimmer, make sure you never cross over the cord. Use recommended, grounded extension cords and check periodically for worn or damaged cords.

Keep Your Edger/Trimmer in Peak Operating Condition

  • Inspect the edger/trimmer periodically for potential hazards:
    • Loose belts
    • Missing or damaged guards
    • Accumulations of grass, leaves or excessive grease to reduce fire hazard
  • Seek the professional advice and/or service of a qualified servicing dealer for problems.
  • Take your edger/trimmer to an experienced servicing dealer every year for a safety and maintenance inspection.

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