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Probably, nobody like the grassy lawn in front of his own house. To the joy of lawn owners there are great devices to facilitate the fulfillment of this task – lawn mowers. How to choose the best lawn mowerThe first models of the devices were completely mechanical. Now you can choose from a wide variety of mowers. But, despite the availability of various electrical and gasoline units in stores,  many house owners believe, that all they need is the best manual push mower. Handheld devices still do not lose their popularity, remaining the most economical option.

A manual push mower is a block-base on wheels, inside which are knives for cutting grass. The device comes into operation from the pushing movements. For convenience of use, a handle can be adjusted to the required height and you can set it to a certain slope. The work of cutting knives is almost the same as that of ordinary scissors. In a mechanical lawn mower there is one fixed blade and several movable.


Manual push mowers have spindle knives that start moving from the energy transmitted from the spinning wheels.

Most of devices have cylinder blades. Best Manual Push Mower They are equipped with a rotating cylinder with knives. The handle has adjusting elements which eliminates the need to constantly monitoring the speed of the mower. The device is simply tuned to the desired mode, and you start work.

Manual lawn mowers are able to cut grass at a speed of 2-3 mph. And they are more durable than their spindle ones. Both the first and second type of lawn mowers are offered by manufacturers at approximately one cost.

How to Choose the Best Manual Push Mower

When choosing the mover, take into account its technical characteristics, such as: the performance; length of knifes; the volume of the grass catcher.

The efficiency of the unit will depend on the efficiency of mowing. If you buy the device for mowing high and dense grass on large areas, better to choose the most powerful device. A simpler unit will be good on small lawns covered with soft greens.

The dimensions of the knives are a factor that directly affects the width of the bevel. The longer the mower’s blades, the larger the area they cover in one motion and accordingly cut a larger amount of vegetation.

As for the grass catcher, not all devices are equipped with it. In any case, the grass during the mowing with a mechanical device is partially scattered in all directions. However, if you still need the catcher, you should pay attention to its volume.

The ergonomic parameters of the lawn mowers cannot be generalized, they are individual for each person. In any case, the unit should be easy to use.

Operation and Maintenance

Manual push lawn mowers are quite simple in design, but they are a bit peculiar in their work and therefore require special attention at the beginning. Manual units are not bad, they just need some efforts to adapt.

This is quite easy to do, if you take into account some of the nuances during work: during the mowing you should push the device with constant force. The steps of the worker should not be too slow, this will cause winding the grass on the knives. You should mow the lawn often, about once a week. If the grass is too high, a manual push mower can simply not cope.

You should perform few easy maintenance operations after every third use.

  1. Put it up on a workbench.
  2. If the blades need to be sharpened (usually once in 1-3 years), you need practice to do this right or sharpen them in a local workshop.
  3.  Moving the wheels rotates blades through a series of gears, they might need to be oiled sometimes.
  4. Check the rubber wheels. If they’re slick and can’t get traction, the reel won’t turn efficiently.
  5. After each mowing, use an air compressor or garden hose to clean the wheels and blades.
  6. Always mow on a dry, clear day — weekly is best.

On most models, the gears aren’t hard to access, but be careful not to lose any bolts, nuts, or pins. Remove the wheel covers and pack the exposed gears with light grease. Sometimes the wheel covers have lubrication holes.

One thought on “Best Manual Push Mower”

  1. Thank you for the review.
    My mower is Greenworks 16″ Reel one with Grass Catcher.
    It is great little push mower, but you MUST pick up all sticks before you begin, or you’ll come to a sudden stop.
    I would give this 5 stars for what it is, but it is not so convenient compared to electric/gas mowers, this is a little more work.
    You will also need to go over some patches of tall grass/weeds several times and different angles to ensure you are getting everything.

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