Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower is an affordable mower that is light weight, easy to maneuver, and anything that doesn’t use gas or electricity, is also environmentally friendly.

The wide 20 inch cutting blade will help you get your lawn mowed faster with fewer passes.  The blades are made of heat treated steal and ball bearings give it a very smooth rotation for easy, precision cutting.  The dual wheel tracking features two 10 inch composite wheels and two 6 inch tracking wheels for better maneuverability and the loop style handle with foam grip gives you added comfort while you’re out there getting your lawn mowed.

 Product Features and Specifications

  •  Product Weight: 35 pounds
  •  20-inch reel mower with 10-inch dual tracking wheels and rugged radial tires
  •  9 grass heights to choose from (1-3 inches) controlled by quick-snap height adjusters
  •  5 heat-treated, steel blades;
  •  Includes mower, handle, composite wheels
  •  2-year warranty

A lot of people feel good about the fact that they are mowing their lawns without using electricity, or worse yet, a big, polution spewing, gasoline mower.  Although this mower is people powered many reviewers commented that it was quite easy to operate.

There are several features that I like.  The height adjustment is located close to one of the rear wheels and is very easy to access.  Just push a lever and you can slide it to the correct height.  Each height level is clearly marked.  The mower cuts very smoothly and the blades spin well with minimal force from the operator.

This mower is not for everyone however.  It’s weight is 35 pounds which is fairly lightweight but may be a little more difficult for some people than a smaller, lighter lawn mower.  If you don’t mow your lawn frequently enough and it gets a little too tall it might be difficult to trim, although another reviewer did say that they have let their lawn go a couple of times and even when the grass reached about 6 inches in height the mower still handled it fairly easily.  With that being said, it’s obvious that a lawn mower that is powered only by the person pushing it is going to require a bit more physical effort than either an electric or a gas mower.

Overall, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly lawn mower, this would be a good choice.

Lawn Fertilizer – A Crash Course to Help You Understand Some of the Basics

When you go to your local home supply store to buy lawn fertilizer you will find several different types. Fertilizer will usually come in granular form or pellets or in liquid form. The liquid fertilizer is absorbed quickly and is usually absorbed by the leaves of the plant or in the case of lawn fertilizer the blades of grass. The granules or pellets are usually absorbed more slowly and supply nutrients to the roots of the grass.

Another thing you’ll notice when you purchase lawn fertilizer is that there will usually be a three digit number on the packaging. The numbers, separated by hyphens, represent the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the mixture. Nitrogen is a macronutrient that is a critical part of photosynthesis. Because of this, nitrogen will help keep your lawn looking nice and green. The phosphorus in your fertilizer helps plants to store and transfer energy and also promotes root development. Potassium is an integral part of many processes that happen inside plants from things like starch and protein production to water movement and enzyme reactions. As you can see, each of these lawn fertilizer components is very important and there are different mixtures available that can be purchased depending on the specific needs of your lawn.

When it comes to lawn fertilizer you will also have your choice between organic or synthetic fertilizers. Your lawn cannot tell the difference between a synthetic or an organic fertilizer because to your lawn it is all just chemicals. However there are some pros and cons to using the different types. A lot of people like to go with organic fertilizers because they are derived from plants and animals and are rich in nutrients. Unlike synthetic fertilizers which are made from petroleum or natural gas. Organic fertilizers can not only help your lawn get the nutrients it needs but can also help improve the quality of your soil. Organic fertilizers can also improve drainage and help minimize soil erosion as well as nitrogen and phosphorus runoff. The obvious drawbacks to organic lawn fertilizer are that they smell bad and they don’t offer the same consistency when it comes to the percentage of nutrients. You’re not always going to get the same balance of nutrients in each bag of organic fertilizer.

There are a lot of things to consider with regards to lawn fertilizer. Which type you need, how much you need, how to apply it etc. There are usually instructions on the packaging that will help you answer some of your questions and you can always consult an expert at your local home supply store to answer any additional questions you might have.


Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance – Keep Your Lawn Mower Working Properly

Lawn mower repair will be a fact of life for you if you use a gas powered mower. Small gasoline engines require a lot of maintenance and they will need repairs at some point, it’s just a matter of time. That’s one of the main drawbacks to gas powered mowers versus electric lawnmowers, gas mowers require a lot more maintenance and there are a lot more parts that could potentially break down and give you problems.

One of the first steps in lawn mower repair will be troubleshooting any problems that you have. For example, if your lawn mower won’t start you will need to figure out why it’s not starting and it’s always best to start by checking the simplest possibilities. Is their fuel in the tank? If so, has the fuel been sitting in the tank for a long time? If you are pulling your mower out of the garage for the first time after a long winter and the mower won’t start you may need to drain and replace the fuel. If your mower has fresh fuel but it still won’t start there may be an ignition problem or you may need new spark plugs. If you do need to replace your spark plugs take one of them with you to the hardware store so you can make sure you are replacing them with the right part.

Sometimes you will be able to get your mower started but it’s just not running properly. If the mower is running rough and sounds like it might be choking it might be time to replace the fuel filter. Over time dirt and debris can clog up the filter and your mower will not run as smoothly as it should. Replacing the filter is an easy job and will get your mower running properly again.

Sometimes lawn mower repair is best left to the professionals. If you have attempted to troubleshoot potential problems but you still can’t figure out exactly what the problem is you will need to take your mower in to a professional to get it fixed. It is important to get an estimate before any work is actually done. Sometimes it might be more cost effective to just purchase a new lawn mower rather than paying a lot of money to repair an old one.

You may have heard your doctor say that prevention is the best medicine and the same is true when it comes to taking care of your lawn mower. If you properly maintain your mower you can avoid a lot of problems and costly repairs in the future. The owner’s manual that came with your lawn mower should have plenty of tips for properly maintaining it. You want to make sure that there is always plenty of oil and that all of the moving parts are lubricated. After mowing your lawn you should clean the mower and remove any grass clippings because if moist yard clippings are left their it could cause corrosion and create problems in the future. It’s also important to keep the blades sharp and sharpening blades is a job that you may choose to do yourself or you may want to hire a professional.

Check your owner’s manual for any additional maintenance tips. Proper maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your mower operating properly. If there are some simple repairs that need to be done you might be able to tackle those yourself and if you do you need to hire a professional to do the repairs just make sure that the repairs are not going to cost more than the mower is worth.


Fall Lawn Care Tips – What to Do in the Fall to Help Keep Your Lawn Healthy

In the spring and summer months we need to water and mow our lawns fairly often. During the hot summer months the summer sun can scorch your lawn and there may also be a lot of foot traffic that compacts the soil. We wanted to give you some tips for fall lawn care because autumn is a great time to do some of your yard maintenance.

One of the first things you can start with is using an aerator. An aerator will remove plugs of soil from your lawn and will allow air, moisture and nutrients to get down to the roots. Some of the other fall lawn care tasks will depend on whether you have cool season or warm season grasses. With cool season grasses you will need to water your lawn. You won’t need to water as often as you do in the spring and summertime but there may be occasional dry spells in the autumn and you’ll need to make sure that your lawn gets enough water. With cool season grasses it is also important to fertilize. A good rule of thumb is to use 1 pound of nitrogen for every 1000 square feet of lawn. You can apply fertilizer a couple of times during the fall with your last application being done once your lawn goes dormant.

If you have a warm season turf grass you should probably avoid fertilizing in the fall. Another fall lawn care tip for people with warm season grasses is to adjust your lawn mower height for mowing during this time of year. During the fall you should increase the height of your mower by about 1/2 inch. Adjusting your lawnmower to the proper height may allow you to mow your lawn without the need to rake or bag the lawn clippings. You may have to mow a bit more often but if you only trim off the top inch or so the grass clippings won’t be much of a problem.

Another fall lawn care tip whether you have cool or warm season turf grass is to do a little re-seeding. The fall is a great time to add some seeds to any bare spots in your lawn. If you do add some seed, water gently making sure not to over water. Following these tips for fall lawn care will help your lawn stay healthy and look great all year.


Basic spring maintenance for regular operation and repairs

For Regular Operation:
All Power Equipment ·  Refer to the maintenance section of your owner’s manual for proper instructions.

·  Dress properly for the job, wearing substantial shoes, long pants and close-fitting clothes (no loose jewelry, unrestrained hair or anything that could get caught in a moving part).

·  Clear the working area before you start by picking up anything that could be thrown by the equipment or would block the equipment’s operation. Then clear the area of people and pets. Watch ou t for young children.

·  Never remove or tamper with safety devices and labels — they’re designed to protect you.

·  Handle gas carefully. Fill up before you start, while the engine is cold. Don’t spill when you fill and no smoking when gas oline is being used.

·  Check safety devices to ensure that they are attached and working.

·  With spark plug disconnected, sharpen tines, or remove and sharpen (or replace) blades in accordance with your owner’s manual.

·  Fill gas t ank to proper level, making sure not to spill fuel.

·  Regularly check that engine oil is “Full.”

·  Regularly check all nuts, bolts, belts and screws for tightness.

·  Check that engine cooling fins are clean with every ope ration.

·  Regularly check that air filter is clean.

Hand-Held Leaf Blowers & Edger/Trimmers ·  Use a high quality two-cycle engine oil specifi cally for two-cycle hand-held equipment (where applicable). Lower grade oils or those for outboard boat engines will not provide sufficient protection. Fuel stabilizers can help fuel maintain a high octane level for longer periods, giving easier starting and cooler engine performance.
Lawn Tractors ·  Check mower deck for bolt tightness, belt wear, and blade sharpness.

·  Check that tires are inflated to proper pressure.

·  Make sure throttle control is properly adjusted.

Log Splitters ·  Carefully position equipment on stable, even ground.

·  Make sure tires are properly inflated and all components operate correctly before starting.

·  Check that pressure hoses are tight and have no leaks.

·  Follow manufacturer’s directions for operating and standing at a safe distance.

Walk-Behind Blower Vacs ·  Check wheels, intake vents, and other components to make sure they are free from debris and in working order.

·  Empty bag and make sure vacuum is unobstructed.

·  Disengage power before switching attachments.

·  Fill collection bag only to recommended levels and replace with care.

Walk-Behind Rotary Tillers ·  Check all working components to see if they are operating properly.

·  Make sure nuts and bolts are tight.

·  Select forward or reve rse (for dual-direction models) and carefully align handles, controls, operating height, and operator position before starting.

Shredder/Grinders ·  Always disconnect spark plug wire before cleaning grinder/shredder, making repairs, or conducting routine inspections.

·  Check oil every two hours of operation to ensure it is at “Full” level.

·  Apply lubricant several times a se ason to the clutch lever, wheels and axle spacer, and the belt tension adjustment bolt (see operator’s manual).

·  Ensure correct tension of the belt (see operator’s manual).

·  Check cutting blades often and rotate/replace as necessary (see operator’s manual).

Chain Saws ·  Periodically rotate the bar for even wear.

·  Check throttle trigger and interlock system for prope r function.

·  Check chain brake for proper function.

·  Assure that the saw chain is properly tensioned, that it is sharp, and that it is getting sufficient oil.

·  Check that the saw idles properly (the chain should not rotate at id le speed).

·  Inspect the entire saw for loose parts, cracks, or other problems.

·  Use a high quality bar oil to lubricate the bar and chain.

·  Avoid gasoline containing alcohol, or use a gasoline with less than 10% alcohol wi th a high quality two-cycle engine oil with additives.

For Repairs:
All Power Equipment ·  Refer to the repairs section of your owner’s manual for proper instructions.

·  If you have any questions or are not comfortable repairing your own equipment, please contact your nearest outdoor power equipment servicing retailer.

·  Before any repair, be sure to turn off the unit and disconnect the spark plug wire.

·  Keep hands and feet away from moving parts. Never work on equipment while it is running.

Mowerland ML18SP Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

The brand has launched many garden machinery that talk of both quality and design. Aiming to offer products with the affordable price makes the brand set apart from the rest. It has taken up its distribution through the ‘Handy-Distribution’ who is the exclusive distributors of this brand.

Comfort design and Outlook: In Fact, this ML18SP petrol-fueled mower is a self propelled one. It comes with the body colour of Red and Black Combination that is very appealing for anyone. The handles are been neatly structured to be adjusted to the user comfort and they tend to be foldable to ensure compact storage. The wheels go for its best operation as they are been supported with the ball bearing. The deck is been made of steel material that goes durable even for the rough handling.

Engine and Power: Mowerland ML18SP Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is been found to be concealed with the engine type of Quattro Briggs & Stratton 4 Stroke Engine that has the power of 3.5hp. It operates with the petrol power and gives a self-propelled drive system. Easily the user can set the speed and walk behind the mower to see the perfect cut obtained in few minutes. The engine also offers the brake system. It allows instant mowing and the trouble of such length cords are been eliminated here.

Mowing options: Mowerland ML18SP Rotary Lawnmower allows the user to set the desired cutting height from the 6 different options between the heights of 25 – 85 mm. The adjustment is never a tedious or time-consuming process and can be set with just the adjustment of the lever. The cutting width is 46 cms and possible to mow the medium sized lawns. It allows mowing even at the edges and under the bushes easily. The features like the mulching and catcher are not been found in this product. The grass cuttings are been collected in the grass collector bag found in the rear side and can hold up to 60 litres.

Warranty: It offers the user with the privilege of 1-year warranty given by the manufacturer and only for the domestic use.

Verdict: Mowerland ML18SP Red with Black colour Lawnmower takes care of even the roughest lawns and the paddocks. Its lightweight construction and easy handling makes the positives for this product.

Honda HRX Self-Propelled Lawnmowers

Honda with the simple reason for the years of experience has progressively improved with every product by designing innovative features that add a new touch and novelty. They build products to last and have categorised in different segments. Honda HRX Self-Propelled Lawn mowers are a great mid level mower with the chassis that features non-rust. They have powerful motor and operate with the self propelled drive. They do various functions of cutting, catching and mulching that go efficient for saving energy and time.

Honda HRX Rotary Lawnmower designed black and red colour is made of poly-strong housing which is the cutter deck. It boasts to be rust free, dent free and corrosion resistant, the hard wearing and the highly durable parts makes the first impressive statement. It is suitable for the domestic use and goes well up to the medium size lawns say better to be less than the tennis court size. With the self propelled drive the effort is less and so is the fatigue. The user is able to mow in his own pace without the fear of over or under doing and hence there needs to be factually no hard work involved and it becomes a pleasurable going on.


Micro cut – This is the feature with the twin blades that cuts even more grass than it was doing before. Since the cut is smaller it accommodates more in the grass bag and the four cutting surface makes this smaller grass cutting possible.

Versamow – This is a 4 in 1 system that makes possible all the functions of mulching, bagging, side discharge and leaf shred with just the touch of the single lever. Simple to change the operations and so suits for the use of any individual.

ECO Friendly – The revolutionary rotary blades keeps the engine performing quiet than expected and it transforms the equipment to be environment friendly.

Engine and Cutting System:

Present in this model the OHC 4-stroke engine which has the power of 160cc makes it a great go even for the tougher and inadequately maintained lawns. Equipped with the cutting width of 47 cm and the cutting height which can be set to the variable levels as per the requirement of the lawns. From 25mm to 79mm the cutting height can be adjusted and more so this adjustment is with the help of a single lever and hence there is no hassle to put it to required operation.


The HRX VY versamow allows 4 different functions which makes it a complete model for no further look out. The various functions are as follows.

  • Mulching– This is the latest and healthiest way a lawn can be mowed. In this case it chops the grass clipping into further smaller pieces that is left behind to enrich the soil. This is therefore time saving and also saving on fertilisers.
  • Catching– This option is with the help of the grass bag which is also known as bagging. The grass clipping are collected in the grass bag for future emptying.
  • Side discharge– Here the grass clippings are sent to the soil in the side discharge. This makes the best and easy way which does not utilise added energy and efforts.
  • Leaf shedding– In order to maintain the lawn as pretty and perfect this function is also been added which collects and sheds the leaves found on the ground.

Lawn Mower Guide

Lawnmowers are one of the essentialities to maintain a well kept lawn. Modern days see a whole variety of mowers depending on type and the fuel that is used by the mowers. But the history of maintaining a lawn goes a long way back. Initially in the early days, lawns of the richer and affordable families were maintained by allowing sheep to graze the fields and thus maintaining their pastures in perfect condition. Later shearing and scything which involved intensive manual labour was used for maintaining a beautiful lawn.

Lawn mower is a handy machine that can be used both manually and with fuel. Differentiation is based on the mechanism that is used wherein a set of revolving blades are used to cut the grass in a uniform and even length. When the blade rotates in a vertical axis, the land mowers are called rotary mowers and when the blades are assemble to rotate in a horizontal axis they are identified as the reel or cylinder mowers.

A land mower is best chosen based on the type of lawn that is to be mowed. For residential lawns or small gardens, the smallest types which are manual are highly suitable. A large lawn requires the services of a ride on mower which is either fueled or powered by batteries or electricity. Extreme expanses of lawns like a golf course or government parks use the facility of something like a tractor.

The right mower is always based on the size of the lawn and the type of cutting that is desired. Ranging from a manual or hand push to petrol or battery powered lawnmowers; there is always a long line of variables to choose from.


Based on the operations, there are lawnmowers which are considered to possess three in one operations, such as the mulching, bagging and or discharging. It is best to go for this type because if even one such operation is not available, the process of mowing becomes much more tedious. One has to walk through many times for discharging the collection of cut grass. Also if the cut grass is not bagged properly, it may create unnecessary garbage. The mower is best if it has a sturdy rear wheel fit enough to rotate and wheel around on all directions. This helps in easy maneuverability and rolling the tool flexibly.

The engine power of the lawnmower bears a good concern. A minimum of 5.5 horsepower engine is as good as any other ber engines. An overhead valve engine is better off than a side valve engine as it is able to deliver more torque. Some of the gas mowers have a recoil starter for easy engine pickup while recent models possess an electric starter. Turn over the key and yes, the mower is ready to go.

The cutting deck carries to be an important feature with its cutting width. Electric mowers are known for having to cut by mere nipping, while the gasoline mowers take a wider girth of more than 19 inches. The self propelled mowers have the highest cutting edge of over 22 inches but on the other hand they either have only one single speed of 2.5 miles or with a variation of 0 to 5 miles per hour.


Cylinder mowers are known for their vertically placed rotating blades and are specially known for their close finish. They give the perfect finish for a well manicured lawn and are best used in even and level lawns. The several blades that move around a fixed one works like a scissors gives the traditional striped finishing. They are available in all the models like, manual or petrol or electric powered mowers.


Hover lawn mowers are light weight and have rotating blades which almost floats over the surface. This type is extremely useful for a small or a medium sized lawn and can be used over any type of uneven surface. Some of them have wheels at the rear for positioning and does not occupy much storage space. Hover mowers are inexpensive and easy to handle. There is also an option for both plastic and metal blades but metal blades give a more clean finish. These mowers come either with or without a grass collecting box.


The name is assumed because of the rotating movements of the horizontal blades found in this mower. The rotary mowers are best used to cope with an extensive piece of lawn with lots of moss, weeds and slopes. All types of land terrains are compatible with this type of mower. This is one of the best of its kind as it comes with lots of adjustments. Various cutting heights, a built in roller for a traditional striped finish, and the indispensable grass clippings’ box which is removable.

The best rotary mowers come in both the electric and petrol used models; be it manual or self propelled. Self propelled rotary land mowers are a best suggestion when difficulty in pushing is assumed or if the area to be mowed is extremely large.


An electric mower is considered to be ideal for a small to medium sized family lawn. The blade which is absolutely fast in movement acts like a typical scythe and cuts off long grown grass effortlessly. Usually they come with a grass box to collect the cut clippings and are highly compact.

Electric mowers are practically light in weight, free to maneuver and easily handled. But it needs a power source quite close by always and will have an electric cable trailing behind which has to be carefully taken care of. They are faster to clean and do better work in a relatively short time. On the other hand, wet condition makes it impossible to use an electric lawn mower. When purchasing one, it is better to look out for a safety lock off switch with it.


Petrol mowers are perfect for a larger lawn area with uneven landscape too. There is nothing to fear about overheating or trailing around cables. While smaller models of petrol mowers are lightweight and easier to handle, larger models have a wider cutting blades and extremely large grass collection box. They also come in self propelled models which is best suited to a normal walking pace.

Though petrol lawn mowers are a bit expensive, the performance is worth commendable. Even a damp weather does not defer the process of mowing but cleaning and storing is a bit of an effort. There is also an ignition with an electronic key that can be used by elderly persons instead of the recoil starters. As a safety measure, petrol lawnmowers are best not transported with a full petrol can.


While on the purchase of a Land Mower, it is wise to look out for aspects like having a bigger grass collection box. This makes lesser walks while mowing. As well as a wider deck will get the job done more quickly. One can check out for a glass paneled collection box as it will be more visible and will let know when the box needs to be emptied. An attached rear roller always gives the perfect and an elegant striped lawn effect which is an indication for perfect grooming.

Toro Lawn Mower

Almost a century experience is the maker of Domestic Lawn Mower – ‘Toro’, the brand existing worldwide is been specialised in the garden equipment segment. These products designed for the homeowners allow maintaining the green space without the need to call the professionals. With the different styles, the garden can be maintained in an innovative manner.

Toro Lawn Mower is made of cast aluminium cutting deck that is light in weight, durable and can withstand even in the rugged areas. Mulching technology is otherwise known as the Recycler technology is been the one included in the features of this model. It minces the grass clippings into fine bits and leaves it back in to the lawn for its health as it helps to retain the nutrients in the soil. Doubtlessly the beautiful lawn is within your reach and with in no time you start the mower. This model comes with the red colour housing and the handles that can be adjusted and folded.

Cutting details:

Allowed is the cutting width of 48 cm and the cutting height can be set in the variable positions that can fall between 20mm – 75mm. the one point height adjustment is been possible with the embedded smart wheel. It permits easy to use guage for adjusting the cutting height. It impresses you with the best cutting result each and every time.

Power and Engine:

The Lawn Mower functions with the petrol power. Present in this model is the engine type of 4-cycle 190cc Quantum engine. It provides with the automatic drive system and can speed up from 0 to 6.4 kph. It is possible to start the equipment with the recoil type, which is one of the most commonly used methods and lasts long without any mal function.

Available in this Toro Lawn Mower is the rear side grass bag. The wheels features with the ball bearing that makes the drive smoother than expected. Toro offers a 2-year full coverage warranty for this product and under this coverage is anything goes wrong when used under the normal conditions it will be fixed by them for free of cost. This gives you one another reason to own this model.

Edger & Trimmer Safety

Product Definition

  • Walk-behind fixed-blade edger/trimmers are gas or electric powered units designed to trim, cut and remove grass from edges of sidewalks, driveways, lamp posts, rocks, etc. by employing rigid cutting members, and having at least one ground-support.

Before Using Your Edger/Trimmer

  • Always remove stones, sticks and other objects from the area before you begin trimming so that objects won’t fly up and hit you. Clear the area of people and pets.
  • Dress properly for the job, wearing substantial shoes, long pants and close-fitting clothes. Wear safety glasses or goggles.
  • Read the operator’s manual to find out where controls are and what they do, and always check for additional safety instructions. Know how to stop the machine quickly. Do not remove or disable guards or other safety devices.
  • Fill your gasoline tank only while the engine is cold. Don’t spill when you fill. If you need to refuel the edger/trimmer before completing a task, turn off the machine and allow the engine to cool. Never light a match or smoke around gasoline.

Operate Your Edger/Trimmer Carefully

  • Operate only where firm footing and balance are assured. Do not operate where use of hands would be necessary to prevent falls.
  • Do not overspeed engine.
  • Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts while engine is running. Keep feet away from cutting area.
  • Stop the engine when crossing gravel drives, walks or roads, and under any conditions where thrown objects might be a hazard.
  • After striking a foreign object or if a unit vibrates abnormally, stop the engine, disconnect and secure spark plug wire. Inspect the unit for any damage and repair the damage before further operation.
  • Hold handles firmly with both hands to prevent loss of control due to blade bounce upon contact with hidden solid objects.
  • When transporting the machine to the work site, make sure the blade is disengaged so that you do not damage blade, lawn, curbs or pavement. After disengaging blade, push the machine to the site where work is to begin.
  • Before attempting any adjustment of blade and wheels, make certain the engine is off, the blade is disengaged and the spark plug wire removed.
  • When using an electric-powered edger/trimmer, make sure you never cross over the cord. Use recommended, grounded extension cords and check periodically for worn or damaged cords.

Keep Your Edger/Trimmer in Peak Operating Condition

  • Inspect the edger/trimmer periodically for potential hazards:
    • Loose belts
    • Missing or damaged guards
    • Accumulations of grass, leaves or excessive grease to reduce fire hazard
  • Seek the professional advice and/or service of a qualified servicing dealer for problems.
  • Take your edger/trimmer to an experienced servicing dealer every year for a safety and maintenance inspection.