Hi, I am Alan Whafts.

I bought my first lawn mower when I bought my first house in 2003. It served me well for about a year and then, one day when my lawn was too wet, it’s motor started to smoke as it bogged down on wet grass!

My next mower was corded mower, it didn’t feel as strong as my good old one, and had awful plastic shroud that made mower hard to maneuver. Two years later, it died.

I’ve tried cordless battery power mover, but I don’t like maintaining charge/discharge cycles all winter and buying new batteries.

Now I think, corded lawn mowers are a nice solution. Your lawn never changes, you always mow the same lawn. Find a mowing pattern where you are moving away from the outlet and never trip over the cord. I found it and I can mow quickly.

But my choose may be not ideal for you. For example, my mower is 18″, it is handy for me (my lawn has my lawn has a complex shape). But my friend has 20″ one and he can mow faster with fewer passes, and also get closer to ground due to the smaller shroud over the blade.

In my articles I’ll share my experience to help you find your own version of the best mover.

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