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If you are a happy owner of your own house or cottage, then you probably have a small lawn, on which grow flowers and grass. In this case, you should think about buying a lawn mower.

Mowers simplify the care of the lawn, cutting the grass at the right time, the right way, and at the right height causes the grass little harm and with a little help from some fertilisers produces a fantastic looking dense, healthy, green lawn.

The modern market offers various models of gasoline and electric self-propelled lawn mowers, and often buyers have difficulties with their final choice.

In my site you’ll find unbiased reviews of the best lawn mowers. We’re not paid to write a great review for a product, and we don’t receive any discounts, etc. Our reviews and ratings are based on our experience and researches. We’ll determine the main technical and functional characteristics of lawn mowers, their advantages and disadvantages, the features of the application – all that deserves primary attention in the process of choosing and buying this gardening equipment.

Begin with our main characteristics review.

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